H2OIoT: Water Consumption & Supervision

H2OIoT monitors hot and cold water consumption continuously. H2OIoT also detects irregular usage or water leaks that can occur, for example, in a building’s pipe network. This is accomplished with wireless sensors using IoT network technologies, and a cloud based IoT platform WebIoT. H2OIoT can be used for several applications, including

• Remote and Automatic Water Meter Readings
Checking and reporting water meter readings manually can be an inefficient and time consuming task for property owners. By replacing traditional meters with smart meters in buildings or apartments, up to date and accurate water consumption information is always easily accessible in WebIoT

• Monitor Individual Water Consumption and Allocate Costs Accordingly
By replacing traditional meters with smart meters, community associations or property owners can monitor each member’s or tenant’s water consumption and allocate costs accordingly in a fair and efficient manner. Furthermore, the members or tenants can view and track their water consumption via their personal mobile devices at any time.

• Detect Water Leaks and Irregular Water Usage at an Early Stage
If a sensor detects an excessive water flow during a short period of time, or a constant low flow over a longer period of time, an alarm is sent. This could mean, for example, that a toilet in a building is running or that a leak has occurred in a building’s water pipe system.

• Water Supply and Wastewater Infrastructure Monitoring
Water utility companies can distribute sensors in their water network infrastructure to monitor, for example, water flow rates and consumption to detect leaks, theft, and inefficient pipe network maintenance. By gaining access to real data about how the network behaves, both short and long term decisions on how to improve the network performance can be taken with confidence.

Challenge or problem: Of all the world's water, less than one percent is available as drinking water. Of this, as much as 95 percent is groundwater. Sweden, for example, has so far, with some exceptions, had access to plenty of water. However, in recent years, this has changed in many places in Sweden. In other parts of the world, the scarcity of water is a constant and increasing problem. With an increased understanding that water is a scarce and unpredictable resource, both local and national governments will likely use their regulatory options to ensure that different parts of society contribute to a sustainable water consumption. As an example, the Swedish government requires, as of July 2021, that apartment building owners who carry out a conversion that includes a new installation for domestic hot water, or a significant change to existing installations, must install systems that provide individual metering and charging for hot water.
Solution: Monitoring Water Consumption
Result: Enabling community associations and individuals to monitor water usage in a responsible way. Know the water consumption in your buildings and apartments at all times via remote and automatic meter readings. Gain insights into and share your tenants’ or community association members’ water consumption habits to promote a more efficient water use and to reduce costs. Allocate costs according to individual water consumption in an easy and efficient way.
Platform(s) Included in IoT Solution: WebIoT made by IoT, for more information see IOT PLATFORMS.
Device(s) Included in IoT Solution: The H2OIoT solution is independent of sensor supplier and technology. The sensors measure water flow in pipes. Properties such as water volumes, water flow direction, and water flow rates are measured. Even low flow rates down to approximately 1 liter per hour are measured with high accuracy. iioote recommends several different sensors, if needed. If an already installed sensor is preferred for use, iioote can include that sensor in the solution.
Additional Components Included in IoT Solution: On request.
Industries (Solutions):
Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
Health & Healthcare
Energy & Heating
Properties & Buildings
Security & Safety
Geographical market:
United Kingdom
Access technology: Multi access technology
External information: https://iioote.com/en/
Certified members: IIOOTE
Contact information: info@iioote.com
Company description: iioote are IoT-specialists with more than 100 years of combined IoT/Telecom expertise from e.g. Ericsson, which includes deep knowledge of the entire ecosystem with IoT platforms, connection regardless of technology and sensor selection, as well as specialist expertise in building, construction, and industry. The IoT platform WebIoT made by iioote with integrated AI is the future proof solutions hub with support for multiple technologies enabling more than 40 smart IoT solutions and growing.
Company website: https://iioote.com/
Listing created May 4, 2021

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