Fill level measurement in Molok and UWS containers

Many municipalities and real estate companies use different underground containers in their waste management. Bintels solution has helped customers reduce the cost with 50% from handling these containers.

The Bintel Level device can be retrofitted into all underground waste containers. Bintels solutions works for all types of waste fractions. The fill level is measured once a hour and sent to Bintels cloud plattform.

With Bintels plattform and solution you can:

  • Improve schedule and emptying frequency. You can see how often and many pick-ups you need.
  • The containers can be automatically be emptied (if your current recycling partner allows it).
  • Analyze and compare waste volumes between different properties and areas.
  • Reduce littering in eg waste/recycling rooms
  • Reduce the number of empties and therefore your cost from waste handling.
Challenge or problem: Molok and UWS are good but the disadvantage is that the cost per emptying is expensive. Therefore, many want to optimize how many empties they actually need.
Solution: The Bintel Level fill level device together with our cloud plattform will improve your waste management at the same time that we reduce your costs.
Result: Lower cost from waste handling
Platform(s) Included in IoT Solution: Bintels cloudbased plattform called Bintel Brain. Our open API can send data to all Waste Management operators and to internal IoT platforms.
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Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
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United Kingdom
Access technology: Multi access technology
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Certified members: Bintel
Contact information: Mårten Persson
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Listing created Sep 9, 2021

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Johan Stigels, Netmore Group

2 years ago

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Hans Zimmer

2 years ago

looks great!

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