Smart Water Extreme by Libelium

Smart Water is designed to detect the most relevant water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, conductivity and temperature. Smart Water Xtreme | Plug&Sense! is an improvement of our Water line with a new selection of high-end professional sensors. All sensor probes incorporate an integrated temperature sensor to compensate measurements. This process is called “integrated temperature compensation”. Robust sensor probes: PVC and stainless steel. 5-6 bar pressure resistance. A variety of mounting accessories for each sensor are available to be placed in pipes or tanks. Protective wildlife accessories are also available.

1.- Different models to comply with any application: Xtreme, Pro and Ions.
2.- High accuracy sensors from prestigious manufacturers such as Aqualabo
3.- Sensors can be placed in a buoy (for seas and lakes)
4.- Real-time information
5.- Interoperability: work with most relevant wireless technologies
6.- LPWAN and cellular communication protocol for isolated locations
7.- Compatible with any Cloud platform
8.- Easy installation, solar powered and long battery life

Physical features:
1.- Minimal maintenance costs
2.- IP65 enclosure / IP68 sensors
3.- Weatherproof enclosure / Waterproof sensors (up to 5 bar -50 meters)
4.- Easy to deploy

Challenge or problem: Water Management affects multiple sectors: agriculture, farming, industry, services, cities… We can monitor drinking water, detect and control realtime leakages in rivers and seas, track pressure variations along pipes and check water quality in fish farms, swimming pools or aquariums. Water demand is expected to increase up to 30% by 2050, increasing 1% per year. Population growth and climate change are the main challenges for water management.
Solution: Increases: Recaptured revenue.- Coordination and synergies between stakeholders.- Predict potential failures.-Manage pressure and consumption/// Reduces: Up to -10% reduction in water consumption per capita.- Reduced leakage: -20% wastage reduction.- Reduced billing.- Cut down costs: maintenance, repairs and energy.
Platform(s) Included in IoT Solution: Libelium Cloud:
Device(s) Included in IoT Solution: Plug&Sense! Smart Water EXTREME
Additional Components Included in IoT Solution: Available Sensors: Optical dissolved oxygen and temperature (OPTOD).-Titanium optical dissolved oxygen and temperature(OPTOD).- pH, ORP and temperature (PHEHT) .- Conductivity, salinity and temperature (C4E) .- Inductive conductivity, salinity and temperature (CTZN) .- Turbidity and temperature (NTU) .- Suspended solids, turbidity, sludge blanket and temperature (MES5).- COD, BOD, TOC, SAC254 and temperature StacSense, 2 mm path .- COD, BOD, TOC, SAC254 and temperature StacSense, 50 mm pathRadar level.- VEGAPULS C21 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure .- Luminosity (Luxes accuracy).- Ultrasound (outdoor IP67)
Industries (Solutions):
Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
Health & Healthcare
Energy & Heating
Properties & Buildings
Security & Safety
Geographical market:
United Kingdom
Access technology: Multi access technology
Certified members: Libelium
Contact information:
Company description: Behind the change. Beyond the challenge. In a technological market where the demand for professional solutions is increasingly challenging, Libelium is focusing on a strategic shift to offer complete IoT technology VALUE PROPOSITIONS specialized in vertical applications and tailoring IoT projects to improve competitiveness for industries, businesses & smart cities.
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Listing created Jun 14, 2022

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