Emitu Platform Low-code and Modular

Customization 10x faster and more flexible

Emitu IoT platform enables you to gain real-time visibility over your asset operations, usage, and status. Through IoT, we accelerate the digital transformation of six major industries, including Healthcare, Logistics, Smart Buildings, Cold-chain, Manufacturing, and Utilities.

A new approach to IoT platforms

We offer an enterprise-grade platform that adapts continuously to your business without the hassle of custom development. Our low-code framework provides a modular approach to custom IoT solutions deployment, reducing time and costs. Our technology makes customization 10x faster and more flexible.

Through a pioneering technology in IoT platforms, our low-code framework offers customization possibilities never seen before. This includes changing visuals, dashboards, and languages, adding services, rules, and automation, defining custom data, logic, and device configurations, or extending security parameters and usage limits.


Our low-code framework can set up custom applications at a fraction of the time of traditional IoT solutions. This is significantly due to our Application Templates embodying complete, functional, and reusable IoT uses case designs that provide a starting point for further customizations, making development even faster.

Get to know how Emitu can easily power your IoT deployment with a low code and modular approach.

Industries (Solutions):
Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
Health & Healthcare
Energy & Heating
Properties & Buildings
Security & Safety
Geographical market:
United Kingdom
Access technology: Multi access technology
Detailed product specifications: Emitu is a cloud-based, low-code IoT platform for a simpler and quicker IoT journey.
Certified members: Emitu
Contact information: +351 22 323 3057
Company description: Our solution comprises a full-stack IoT platform with an Application Enablement Framework that can address any use case using any type of hardware while reducing development time from weeks to hours.
Company website: https://emitu.com/
Listing created Aug 9, 2022

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