Snow depth measuring for roads, buildings and resorts

Complete solution for reliable measuring of snow depth and weather conditions. Everything needed for monitoring snow on roofs, streets, ski slopes, and so forth is covered in our comprehensive service, including hardware, software, training, and support.

Challenge or problem: Forecasting snow removal efforts is becoming increasingly difficult due to varying winters with ever-more extreme conditions. Decision-makers often have to travel long distances in harsh weather and at inconvenient hours to make decisions. This puts stress on both individuals and organizations. Automating this process is desirable but presents significant challenges.
Solution: Starbits' solution is a Swedish innovation. The unique wireless sensors accurately measure snow depth, temperature, and humidity several times an hour. They are easy to install and can be mounted at various angles, which greatly improves usability. With Starbits software ARCH, users have access to reliable real-time data 24/7 on multiple platforms. The software allows for easy setup of notifications via text, email, or call. This gives organizations a useful tool to plan their efforts more efficiently while also reducing risk and stress on personnel.
Result: A complete and convenient solution for all organizations in need of reliable tools for measuring snow depth and keeping track of weather conditions.
Platform(s) Included in IoT Solution: Starbit ARCH - IOT Platform
Device(s) Included in IoT Solution: Starbit Snow Depth Sensor
Additional Components Included in IoT Solution: Training and support
Industries (Solutions):
Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
Health & Healthcare
Energy & Heating
Properties & Buildings
Security & Safety
Geographical market:
United Kingdom
Access technology: Multi access technology
Certified members: Starbit
Contact information:
Company description: Starbit, a Swedish R&D company, operates within the Electronics business area of the KAMIC Group. This corporate group, privately owned and technology-based, has a strong footprint across Europe, Asia, and North America. We have a proven track record of providing effective solutions in hardware, software, planning, installation, and support across various industries. Our team excels in developing cutting-edge technology, and our cloud-based platform, ARCH, is known for its flexibility and constant updates. Starbit's innovative approach to problem-solving supports a wide range of projects. Together, let's innovate and create better solutions.
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Listing created Mar 27, 2024

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