IoT sensors pioneer designer and manufacturer

ATIM is an LPWAN & LoRaWAN early adopter and pioneer with 25+ years of experience in remote data transmission.


From the conception to the commercialization

Our experienced R&D team puts its hard work into making IoT solutions that are dedicated to the client.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a cost effective LoRaWAN solutions to maximize your ROI:

  1. Ease of installation/configuration
  2. Great autonomy
  3. Technical features


A complete offer to give any complex projects a simple solution

Module | Sensors | Platform

  • ATIM develops, optimizes and designs its own LoRaWAN modules.
  • A versatile product line of IoT sensors which covers multiples uses cases.
  • The IoT platform offers a secured monitoring of your data/installation.
  • Custom solutions development for specific needs.


Applications are infinite

Large portfolio of sensors tackles most of your uses cases

Smart Building
Smart City
Smart Industry
Smart Agriculture


ATIM connects everything

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