CountIoT: Visitor Counter and Control

CountIoT continuously counts and keeps track of the current and historical number of visitors in indoor or outdoor premises over time When a certain number of visitors is reached, CountIoT can send an alarm CountIoT can also notify and inform connected online devices and external systems when needed This is accomplished with wireless sensors using IoT network technologies, and a cloud based IoT platform WebIoT

Challenge or problem: In many public places and for many businesses it is unclear how many people or customers that are visiting the premises. What is their visiting behavior? At what times during the week does attendance usually peak? What is the average number of visitors each month? Measuring and analyzing visitor behavior provides many opportunities and advantages. For example, it enables resources such as staff and equipment to be used in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. In pandemic times, smart solutions to limit the number of customers in stores can be set up. Gathering visitor behavior data not only helps to better understand customers but can also be used to provide an improved customer experience. By publishing current and historical attendance information for the premises online, customers can plan and make informed decisions on when to visit the premises.
Solution: Monitoring Visitor Attendance
Result: Improving the customer experience count in your facilities by Real Time Tracking the current number of visitors.
Platform(s) Included in IoT Solution: WebIoT made by IoT, for more information see IOT PLATFORMS.
Device(s) Included in IoT Solution: The CountIoT solution is independent of sensor supplier and technology. The sensors emit a radar beam or use infrared technology, where a constant IR beam between a transmitter and a receiver is present, to detect people or vehicles passing by. iioote recommends several different sensors, if needed. If an already installed sensor is preferred for use, iioote can include that sensor in the solution.
Additional Components Included in IoT Solution: LoRaWAN Class C compatible to control e.g. traffic light or gate. On request.
Industries (Solutions):
Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
Health & Healthcare
Energy & Heating
Properties & Buildings
Security & Safety
Geographical market:
Sweden (+ Nordics)
United Kingdom
Access technology: Multi access technology
External information:
Certified members: IIOOTE
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Company description: iioote are IoT-specialists with more than 100 years of combined IoT/Telecom expertise from e.g. Ericsson, which includes deep knowledge of the entire ecosystem with IoT platforms, connection regardless of technology and sensor selection, as well as specialist expertise in building, construction, and industry. The IoT platform WebIoT made by iioote with integrated AI is the future proof solutions hub with support for multiple technologies enabling more than 40 smart IoT solutions and growing.
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Listing created May 4, 2021

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