Nordic Propeye Sub-Metering (IMD) Solution for Properties

NordicPropeye Sub-Metering Solution for Properties

Individual Metering and Billing, also referred to as Sub-metering, makes metering and billing of energy and water consumption easier, more precise and equitable.
Besides rectifying issues stemming from collective billing of tenants, and reducing costs by holding individual tenants responsible for their own consumption, our Sub-Metering solution will also enable:

• In-depth insight of property energy data
• Early pre maintenance information before equipment failure and damage
• Identification and elimination of wasted energy and water
• Better information for decision making to optimize energy performance
• Accurate monitoring and recording of real-life utility consumption without estimates
• Utility usage comparison across properties over time

Challenge or problem: One of the reasons behind deploying a Sub-Metering solution, is to avoid a scenario where tenants are charged for utilities collectively. Utility costs for water and electricity are often included in the rent. Meaning that factors such as apartment size and location often affects how much a tenant pays for utilities. Tenants consuming more than the building average are then typically undercharged, and vice versa. Furthermore, simply by presenting tenants with their actual consumption data often spurs on their incentives to adjust their usage pattern. This, with the addition of individual billing often results in reduced utility consumption, and a reduced environmental footprint. Precise and effective decision making based on consumption data can also be difficult for owners of non-submetered properties. This is due to them typically relying on estimations for consumption parameters, rather than actual consumption data.
Solution: Implementing our Sub-Metering and individual charging solution. Enabling tenants to be billed for their actual utility consumption. While also providing property owners with tools to properly analyze several utility related parameters, and streamline operations based on real-life consumption and performance data.
Result: When tenants are responsible for their individual utility use, they are more likely to adjust their use habits and lower the buildings overall utility consumption. Gaining a real-life view of the consumption, and energy performance within their properties, owners can optimize water and energy consumption, reduce fixed costs and to become more environmentally friendly.
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Focus: Sub-Metering
Cities & Municipalities
Health & Healthcare
Energy & Heating
Properties & Buildings
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United Kingdom
Access technology: LoRaWAN
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Company description: Nordic Propeye enables smart buildings through sensor device development and end-to-end solution offering
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Listing created Oct 7, 2021

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