All Binary

We are an established Swedish startup (started in 2012) that has been part of the LoraWAN rollout in Sweden since 2017 building IOT solutions together with a number of sensor network owners and real estate companies. Our solutions have involved both hardware (custom made sensors) and software (visualizations of large amount of data). We are still a compact and highly competent team of senior software engineers that sometimes work as consultants helping with IOT rollouts, but we have also developed a state-of-the-art cloud based IOT platform (Senseview) with a strong emphasis on usability and flexibility.

We have a strong belief in designing experiments to find the optimal way of solving your customer’s needs and problems. We’re using innovation processes from some of the fastest growing companies in the world (Lean Startup processes) and combine that with our extensive experience of making IOT happen. We are committed to build a smarter society together with you.

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