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Bees, by nature, have fascinating navigation systems. As tiny as they may seem, they can traverse through complex environments – from finding the best food source to returning to their hives – with very high accuracy. To put it simply, this is the way of the bee, which ultimately inspired the company’s name, “Abeeway”.

In April 2014, Abeeway was created in Meylan, a commune near Grenoble. It sprung from the birth of LoRa, a wireless data communication technology that was developed by Cycleo, a Grenoble-based company acquired by Semtech in 2012. This technology aimed to address the question, “How can tiny volumes of data be transported while saving energy for the connected object and reducing costs for the operator?”

Today, Abeeway is located on the beautiful French Riviera and is part of Europe’s largest and permanently expanding science and technology park of Sophia Antipolis.

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