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How it works - Marketplace guidelines and FAQ

Here you can find information about how Netmore Market works.

Marketplace guidelines

Becoming a certified member in our marketplace is of course cost free. 

We do however have some guidelines for our members that are listed below:

·       Use English in the marketplace.

·       Have at least one listing posted in the marketplace.

·       Link to Netmore, and or Netmore IoT Market on your company website.

·       Make an announcement on your website and or on your social media. 

We would also like our sensor manufacturing partners to provide the following documents if possible:

·       LoRaWAN® Certification according to specification LW1.0.2 v1.6LW1.0.4 v1.1, or newer

·       LoRaWAN® End Device Radiated RF Performance EU V1.2.1LW1.0.4 v1.0, or newer*

·       LoRaWAN® Certification Questionnaire V2.1

·       LoRaWAN EU Supplementary Device Questions V1.0**

If the documents listed above are not obtained, other certification documents can be provided.

Announcements and social media.

·       We will happily be a part of and share any of your social media announcements concerning         Netmore, our partnership or Netmore Market.

·       When sharing the link to the marketplace, you can do so showing only listings belonging to your         company. Simply tick your Certified Member Box in the drop-down list and filter out your listings by         clicking Update view, then share the generated URL.


If you find that something is missing in order for you to complete your listings. Perhaps a device functionality. Or if you have any other feedback or questions. Please contact me at 

I will be available for input and adjustments during the listing process.


How do I finalize my company account?

·       Replace any provisory login credentials you may have received.

.       Upload your company logotype as profile picture.

.       Use your company name as Display Name.

·       Place a detailed company description in the About You textbox.

What are the different listing categories?

IoT Solutions

This category contains listings describing more or less complete IoT solutions. Hardware (devices) and software (platforms/dash borads) bundled in a package. Customers purchasing IoT Solutions usually receive visualized data on a screen, and are not necessarily involved in how the data ended up there. IoT Solution listings highlight what different suppliers can do for their customers, what challenges can be bridged, and what benefits can be derived from their bundled IoT Solutions. 

Here are some tips on what to include in a IoT Solution Listing:

Detailed description 

Some tips on what can be included in the detailed description of a Solution:

·      An introduction to the solution

·      Typical customers/industries/end users/benefiters of the solution

·      Typical reasons or motives behind investing in the solution

·      Embedded youtube video link

Challenge or problem: Describe the challenges or problems that the solution can solve

Solution: Describe how the solution can solve the challenges or problems above

Result: Describe the results, benefits or added values that can be achieved through solving the problems above with the solution

Included in solution: Describe devices, platforms and/or other components included in the Solution

IoT Devices

This category contains listings describing Devices and Sensors. IoT Device listings highlight device properties, functionalities and suitable applications for devices, as well as who to contact in order to purchase them.

For IoT Device listings, please follow the following taxonomy guidelines in the title.

Main device functionality - device name (Acces technology®) 


Indoor Temperature Sensor - Netmore A1 (LoRaWAN®)

IoT Platforms

In this category, suppliers can highlight their platforms. An IoT Platform can in a sense be describes as a complete turnkey ready solution (an IoT Solution), without the hardware. IoT Platforms are oftentimes capable of combining several communication protocols, as well as several different types of sensors. Listings in this category can describe the properties, supported protocols, added benefits and common uses of IoT Platforms from different suppliers. As well as who to talk to in order to get a demo or to purchase the platform.

IoT Connectivity

In this category you will find listings describing what we at Netmore have to offer when it comes to connectivity. Whether you need LoRaWAN coverage for a certain IoT project, M2M SIM Cards for global use or an Open Access 5G Network - you can contact us directly and we will help you out.

Success Stories

The layout and structure of a Success Story is similar to that of an IoT Solution. The difference between Success Stories and IoT Solutions is that, when an IoT Solution listing describes what a supplier CAN DO for a customer, a Success Story listing describes what a supplier successfully HAS DONE for a customer. In other words; Success Storys are to be viewed as reference material from real life. Success Story listing can describe anything related to LoRaWAN. Whether it is a large scale deployment with measurable savings or other benefits, or an ongoing project in smaller scale. I does not matter in what network or country they take place. As long as they involve LoRaWAN in some way, and can showcase a real-life project - they are welcome as listings in this category.

Here are some tips on what to include in a Success Story Listing:

Detailed description 

Some tips on what can be included in the detailed description of a Success Story:

·      An introduction to what was done and with whom (specific names are optional)

·      An introduction to the initial situation, or the reasons behind initiating the project

·      A description of the requirements (development, customization, design, installation, functionalities        etc.)

·      Embedded youtube video link

Challenge or problemDescribe the challenges or problems that was solved in this case, that you and/or the benefiter were faced with and/or common challenges or problems within the industry/use area.

SolutionDescribe how the challenges or problems above was solved in this case

Result: Describe the results, benefits or added values that was achieved by solving the problems or challenges above.

Other IoT Services

This category (and its sub categories) will be used to showcase IoT related services, such as device installation and consultant services. 


Requests can be posted by all certified members in the marketplace. Customers can post requests describing IoT products or services that they may not have found elsewhere. Suppliers can then adress that specific customer and request any way they find suitable. Similarly, if a supplier is looking for components to tie a solution together for a customer, a request can be posted to find the right partner.

Are there any rules for creating listings?

We will focus on LoRaWAN as access technology in the initial stages of Netmore Market. Anything involving LoRaWAN is OK to upload. We will add other access technologies in time.

We will not showcase offerings describing gateways for the time being. Sucess Stories including gateways and connectivity are OK to upload.

Listings of products or services should be as product/service specific and clear as possible. There should also be an easily understandable value behind every listing describing a product, service or use-case.

An IoT Device listing should (if nothing else is agreed upon) describe one device, or one device type.

Keep company presentations in the designated fields for such information in listings and in your company profile.

All listings are reviewed by Netmore before they can appear on the main page. Listings that are not in line with our policy or the rules described in this segment will not be approved. Netmore reserves the right to deny any listing or listing update that does not adhere to our policy, the rules described in this segment or common sense and courtesy.

How do I change the font or block format in the main text field?

Type the hashtag or number symbol before any text you want a bigger font for. 

Example: #Product Description Headline 

Will result in: 

Product Description Headline