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Highlight: Sub-metering for property managers

Monitor and bill a tenant’s individual electricity, water or gas consumption.

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Netmore LoRaWAN®

Netmore LoRaWAN® – Try for free (platform included)

IoT service- and solution providers as well as other IoT players will have the opportunity to test Netmore’s entire LoRaWAN offering free of charge. Five devices can be connected for three months, and Netmore’s complete IoT platform is included. The platform provides the ability to control and monitor the devices, while a full-scale and cyber-secure bidirectional API makes it possible to integrate the IoT solution as is desired.

Netmore LoRaWAN® coverage on demand

Network coverage and signal quality is key to scalability in many IoT cases. As a dedicated IoT operator, we deliver LoRaWAN coverage on demand with a 7-day guarantee.

Netmore – A member of the LoRa Alliance® roaming initiative

Netmore is one of 26 operators participating in an international collaboration enabling seamless roaming between 27 countries. LoRaWAN roaming is available between both public and private networks, and enables a number of new IoT applications, for tracking, logistics and other use cases where the combination of cross-network mobility and connectivity is a prerequisite.