What we do

We are a dedicated IoT operator that drives digitalization by connecting properties to our property network, provides open access 5G networks to asset owners, and enable massive IoT connectivity by rolling out nationwide LoRaWAN infrastructure.

All our networks are purpose-built to serve the different key players that drive the development in the new era in which billions of devices will need robust, secure and reliable connectivity the next decade.

This means we take the role as an IoT enabler and work together with our partners in a collaborative effort to contribute to the digitalization which changes society for the better.

How we do it

Besides providing conditions for real IoT with our collaborative business model, we incentivize the market by both introducing fully automized revenue sharing models between stakeholders, and by enabling new digital revenue streams for our partners.

This generates a strong foundation for real IoT, in which our marketplace of carefully validated key players is the last piece of the puzzle.

Our advantage

Netmore has a unique combination of skills. When it comes to knowledge and experience, we have the resources of a telecom operator. All our purpose-built networks and solutions are designed with a deep understanding of the complexity that large-scale connectivity requires.

We combine the above with the competence of a system integrator, and the attitude and mindset of a scaleup. On basis of this, we enter partnerships where we have a real opportunity to empower our partners and help them drive the IoT development in the right direction.

This is what we call the Netmore advantage.

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